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Top tips to avoid damp and other damages News Post Image 24th November 2021

Top tips to avoid damp and other damages

by Paul Howe

Caused by a lack of proper ventilation or condensation, damp poses severe health issues to inhabitants where left untreated. With the problem more prominent in the colder months, we take a look at some of the precautionary measures you can take to protect yourself and your home. Clean down windows and sills every morning Mould can’t grow and thrive without moisture, so it’s important to dry wet areas where condensation has formed as soon as possible. A kitchen towel, window vac or a squeegee will work very effectively. Contain steam from cooking When cooking, ensure you cover your food, pots and pans. Closing the kitchen door whilst cooking is also a good idea, as this prevents steam from escaping the kitchen. Get rid of bathroom moisture Showering or bathing can cause a large amount of steam and moisture to build up. To prevent this from happening, open the windows wide enough for the steam to leave the room or use exhaust fans to channel moisture to the outside of your home. In order to avoid the growth of mould, clean bathrooms with mould-killing products. How to get rid of rising damp If damp and mould happen to get out of hand, speaking to a qualified surveyor is the best solution. They will take a moisture reading in your home, identify the issue and give you advice on how you can resolve the situation. Want help managing your property investments? Talk to us.

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