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Emergency & Out of Hours

Reporting Maintenance

During the hours of 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday all emergency maintenance must be reported to your property manager by phoning the office on 01206 773303.

All non-emergency maintenance should be reported directly online by clicking here.

If you have an OUT OF HOURS EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE issue to report, please see the below contractors and contact details. Please be advised that these contractors are on call for maintenance emergencies only and as such we reserve the right to recharge the cost of a call out if the matter is not deemed an out of hours emergency maintenance issue. Please also check to ascertain whether your landlord has a maintenance plan with suppliers such as British Gas etc before contacting us to report a maintenance emergency. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS SERVICE IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO BOYDENS FULLY MANAGED TENANCIES. If Boydens do not manage your tenancy then you must contact your landlord direct.

If you SMELL GAS or have a GAS LEAK contact NATIONAL GRID on 0800 111 999 immediately. Do not turn on any lights and ensure you step outside the property to call the National Grid. Please call the office during working hours to make us aware that you have made a report to National Grid.

A maintenance emergency is defined as the complete failure of your heating and or hot water system, or a leak that cannot be isolated by turning off the stop cock.


  • KOZIWARM 07534 166371 / 01206 826903
  • NEIL HAMMOND 07494 484544
  • HEATING SOLUTIONS 07985 255758
  • ESSEX BOILERS 07985 189676 (Clacton/Frinton/Walton areas only)


  • K CAHILL 07854 028840 (Colchester only)
  • SRW 07971 237652 (Clacton/Frinton only)
  • CJ ELECTRICAL 01473 276688


  • TONY ROZARIO 07496 220063 (Colchester only)
  • KIRBY LOCKS 07875 719203
  • SPECTRUM SECURITY 07808 866988

PLEASE NOTE that tenants are responsible for out of hours locksmith charges due to loss of keys or being locked out of the property. Any charges made by a contractor that are deemed to be a non-emergency, or if the Property is not fully managed by Boydens, will be recharged in full to the tenant.

Report maintenance
Welcome to our tenant online reporting system for repairs.

We are committed to resolving maintenance issues for tenants quickly and reliably. Our online system helps us to receive the information we need in order to understand your problem and resolve it quickly and effectively. Our system allows you to upload photos of your problem that may help our contractors to bring the right tools and equipment to fix your problem. Repairs for non-emergencies that are reported online are likely to be dealt with more quickly than those that are reported by telephone or by email. Emergencies must continue to be reported to us by telephone (see below).

Report a non-urgent maintenance issue via Fixflo Visit FixFlo
OUT of hours emergency contacts (managed tenants renting via Boydens only)

If you are a Managed Tenant renting via Boydens and you have an out of working hours emergency please contact:

Emergency Maintenance Out of hours team on 01206 483242

If you smell Gas, please contact Transco immediately on: 0800 111999

Please note that tenants could be liable for an Out of Hours charge should the issue being reported be deemed to be ‘Non Urgent’.

For all routine repair reporting, please use our Fixflo reporting system.

An out of hours emergency is something that could cause, or have the potential to cause damage or harm to you and or the property and or your neighbours and their properties. No heating or hot water in the summer periods is not considered an out of hours emergency and should be reported via the online reporting service. This will however be considered an emergency in the winter months and should be reported as such. Please be aware that locking yourself out of the property is not considered an emergency and something that the landlord will not be liable for, therefore arrangements should be made to secure the services of a local locksmith at your cost, or alternatively wait until the office is open and seek agreement to borrow a managed set of keys. If you change the locks please note that a spare key must be provided to Boydens to retain.