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Estate Management Services

Estate management services

As well as traditional Leasehold properties, our property management expertise extends to managing communal areas on estates made up primarily of freehold properties.

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It is becoming more and more common that when a developer builds an estate with common grounds such as grass areas, flowerbeds or car parks, they establish a Management Company to take care of these spaces. Sometimes the remit of the Management Company extends to the roadways and footpaths. These Management Companies require looking after in much the same way as any Leasehold Management Company.

Although there is often less day-to-day management required, there are other issues needing to be considered. These include planning long-term for large maintenance projects such as resurfacing car parks or driveways, issuing demands for and collecting service charges, and in some cases helping to arrange annual meetings.

Boydens has several estate-only interests in our portfolio including a number of prestigious walled private estates. We understand the specific needs of managing estates and are happy to tailor our services to meet these on a site by site basis. We are confident that we can manage your estate to a high standard for the benefit of all its residents.

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