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St George’s Day breakfast News Post Image 30th December 2020

St George’s Day breakfast

by Boydens

Today I and all the property managers (John, Alex and Rob) all went to the Daniel Connal Partnership St George’s Day breakfast at Le Talbooth. Rob, Alex and I had done quite a lot of business with DCP this year so all got invited and David (B) was gracious enough to give up his invite to John so that all of us could attend. The food was excellent (as always) and the weather was also fabulous. You have to respond to the invitation in verse. The best poems are read out and an award is given to the favourite. This year I came second (again). But then, as Jade (a member of DCP staff and one of the judges of the poetry competition said: “We figured you shouldn’t win every year, Will.” My RSVP poem was:

As our Patron Saint’s day draws near

Our Property Managers all cheer!

We four do intend

To jointly attend

Like D'Artagnan and Three Musketeers

From each of us at Boydens Leasehold

To celebrate a Saint so bold

We’ll answer your calling

To join you that morning

And chat with friends new and old

And we four are each quite excited

To your breakfast we have been invited

So, our favourite surveyors

We will not delay-a

To confirm we would all be delighted!

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