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Renters Reform Legislation Introduced to Parliament News Post Image 5th June 2023

Renters Reform Legislation Introduced to Parliament

by Paul Howe

The UK Parliament has now published the Renters (Reform) Bill along with a range of guidance covering key areas, see document here>>>.

The key areas:

• No fault eviction abolished, all tenancies to move to periodic

• Introduce more possession grounds where tenants are at fault, for example in cases of anti-social behaviour and repeat rent arrears

• Provide stronger protections against retaliatory evictions

• Introduce a new Private Rented Sector Ombudsman to reduce pressure on the courts

• Create a Portal for landlords and tenants to understand responsibilities and obligations

• Give tenants the right to request a pet in the property. Landlords will be able to require pet insurance to cover any damage to their property

  • Align the abolition of Section 21 and new possession grounds with court improvements including the end-to-end digitisation of the process and prioritisation of anti-social behaviour cases.

Beyond this, the intention is to focus on applying the Decent Homes Standard to the private rented sector and strengthen local councils’ enforcement powers to help target criminal landlords.


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