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Property Inspections - what are they? News Post Image 3rd June 2024

Property Inspections - what are they?

by Paul Howe

By Paul Buck, Director of Sales and Lettings

Property Inspections, what are they, and why do them...

In my chats with landlords, I've noticed a worrying common theme - property inspections often get overlooked or skipped entirely. Landlords become comfortable with their tenants and the property inspections drop off. But there's a lot to gain from making them a regular part of your tenancy management. Here are some of my top recommendations:

Diary It!
Always pencil in the next inspection. Having it scheduled makes it harder to forget. The frequency can vary - for new tenancies or if there are issues, consider more frequent checks. For long-term tenants who are taking good care of the place, less frequent visits might suffice. But always keep that next inspection on the books!

Document Everything
Inspections are crucial for ensuring your property remains in tip-top condition. Documenting the property's condition provides clarity and can be invaluable if disputes arise.

Know Your Occupants
Be sure about who's living in your property. I've heard stories of landlords discovering unauthorized subletting or illegal HMOs. Keep an eye out for signs like extra toothbrushes, beds in unusual places, or additional clothing. Your findings might require action!

Safety First
Check those smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors! Ensure they're present, functional, and remember to document each check. Safety is paramount.

Legal Compliance
Familiarise yourself with the Homes For Fitness and Habitation Act and the HHSRS. Landlords must ensure properties are hazard-free. Sometimes, tenants might not report issues, so inspections give you a chance to spot potential maintenance needs, that if not addressed could cause you issue later down the line.

I hope you find these tips helpful! If you've got questions or need further guidance, don't hesitate to reach out. We provide a FREE no obligation 15 minute Tenancy Heath Check call. Just hit the button below to schedule your appointment with one of our lettings experts.

Let's keep our properties and tenants happy and safe!

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