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Post-Election Update: Impact on Landlords, Tenants, Buyers, and Sellers in England! News Post Image 5th July 2024

Post-Election Update: Impact on Landlords, Tenants, Buyers, and Sellers in England!

by Paul Howe

The recent General Election has brought in a wave of changes that will significantly affect the housing market. Here’s a breakdown of how these changes might impact landlords, tenants, buyers, and sellers:


New Regulations: The government is likely to introduce stricter regulations on rent controls and tenant rights. This means potential caps on rent increases and more comprehensive tenant protections. It's time to review your rental agreements and financial plans.

Tax Adjustments: Be prepared for changes in property tax policies. These could impact your rental income and property investments, so stay informed to adjust your financial strategies.


Stronger Rent Control: Tenants can expect more robust rent control measures aimed at preventing unreasonable rent hikes. This is a step towards more affordable and stable housing.

Enhanced Protections: The election results have paved the way for enhanced tenant protections, including improved living standards and stronger safeguards against unfair evictions. We will no doubt see a return of the Renters Reform Bill, albeit in a slightly different format, but don't panic this will not be immediate, there will be many hoops to jump through before this becomes law.


First-Time Buyer Support: There may be new incentives for first-time buyers. These measures are designed to make it easier for you to step onto the property ladder.

Market Changes: Keep an eye on potential shifts in the housing market dynamics due to changes in interest rates and housing policies. Staying informed will help you take advantage of favourable buying conditions.


Property Values: Depending on the new housing policies, property values might see fluctuations. Initiatives to increase housing supply could stabilise prices, while restrictions might affect price growth.

Demand Fluctuations: Changes in economic and tax policies could influence buyer demand. It's crucial to stay updated on these developments to make informed decisions about when to sell.

Stay Informed:

This election marks the start of new opportunities and challenges in the housing market. Whether you’re renting, buying, selling, or investing, staying informed about these changes is essential.

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