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Importance of Tenant Screening News Post Image 3rd June 2024

Importance of Tenant Screening

by Paul Howe

Deep Dive:

If pre-screening looks good, consider these additional checks:

Credit Check: Numerous online services can help assess their financial reliability.

Bank Statements: Recent statements reveal spending habits, income frequency, and savings.

Employer Reference: Confirm their employment status and reliability by contacting their employer directly.

Proof of Address: Valid proofs include:

Recent utility bill

This year's council tax bill

UK driving licence

Recent bank or credit card statement

Old tenancy agreement

Proof of Identity: A valid passport or driving licence photo is preferred. No ID? Think twice.

Previous Landlord Reference: Contacting their former landlord can offer insights on rent payment and property care. Also, check land registry to verify legitimacy.

Right-to-Rent Certification: Ensure they have the legal right to stay in the UK to avoid legal complications and fines.

If the process seems overwhelming, don't fret! Professional letting agents can manage these checks for you.

Need Assistance?

Got a property to rent out or questions about tenant checks? Our experts are here to guide you through the process and ensure you remain legally compliant throughout the tenancy. Let's chat, hit the link below to book your FREE Tenancy Health Check

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