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Freshen up your rental property this spring News Post Image 2nd May 2023

Freshen up your rental property this spring

by Paul Howe

Spring is a time for change; it’s warmer, summer is on the way, and daffodils start blossoming, bringing more brightness to the extra light of longer days. Wildlife steps into action, and so can you when it comes to improving your natural habitat! Whether you let a property or rent a property, sometimes the challenge is to make changes with the seasons that don’t cost the earth.


A great way to freshen up your bedrooms is to change the bedding. Choose bright, positive colours that reflect the season. Add some light. If you are a landlord, consider freshening up the walls with a fresh coat of paint. Fresh flowers are best—a single tulip can achieve a lot, but realistically, some dried flowers placed on the windowsill add a blast of cheery colour and vibrancy to stimulate your senses.


The kitchen is the central hub of most homes, so it gets the most use and will benefit from a good spring clean and declutter. But if you can do more, consider retiling, painting, or replacing worktops and cabinets. Lighting can really add to the feeling of space; perhaps change the blinds. Some potted herbs grow nicely in the kitchen and offer enticing scents while adding colour. They are also handy to have close at hand when you are cooking up a seasonal treat. Tomato plants will also grow nicely on your kitchen windowsill, and come mid-summer, you'll save on your food bill!

Gardening and outdoor living

The possibilities here are endless, even if you rent. Get out in the garden and plant a few flowers or trees. Maybe buy, or even better, make, some garden furniture and start thinking about how you want to enjoy a summer’s night: in front of a fire pit, stove, pizza oven, or maybe you would prefer to barbeque. Simply clean up, cut the grass, and plant a herb garden. If you want low maintenance, plant some solar-powered lights instead! As a landlord, you will not want to get too carried away in the garden, so keep it simple and make it a nice place to be. Create a nice outdoor dining area or sundeck to keep your tenants happy.

The sitting room

The sitting room will become less of a cosy place to hibernate and more of a light, airy, and fresh place to chill out. Add a few mirrors and maybe some artwork to the wall. If you have a fire, you may opt for more candles with seasonal scents, so it will smell like spring or summer as you no longer need the heat from the fire quite as much. Rugs can also add a lot of colour, whether on the floor or on the wall; the effect is the same. Plants are a great way to add colour and, quite literally, breathe some fresh life into your living room. There are a host of new and exotic choices that will add vibrancy in spades and help you relax after a hard day.

Don’t forget the bathroom

A simple spruce up with some new towels, new fixtures such as a soap dish, another mirror, or some rustic shelving to place some bath salts and more plants! Re-grout between the tiles; any little bit you do will have a big impact.

Welcome home!

The front of your home should always greet you with a warm welcome, so make it happen with flowerpots, a neat and tidy weedless facia, clean windows, and a shiny front door!

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