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Damp and Mould in Rental Homes News Post Image 3rd June 2024

Damp and Mould in Rental Homes

by Paul Howe

By Paul Buck, Director of Sales and Lettings

So, let's chat about something we're all too familiar with - that pesky damp and mould issue in rented homes. Yep, that annoying surface mould that shows up out of nowhere, especially due to condensation.

Here's the deal: poor ventilation means moisture hangs around, settling on colder spots and causing this nasty mould to form. If left unchecked, it doesn’t just damage your property but can seriously mess with your health, causing breathing issues and more.

Landlords, it's crucial to make sure your properties are well-ventilated. And tenants, remember to crack open those windows and keep your place warm!

Now, who’s responsible for sorting this out? There's been some confusion, with some landlords pointing fingers at tenants. But recent guidelines are crystal clear:

“Damp and mould in the home are not the result of ‘lifestyle choices’, and it is the responsibility of landlords to identify and address the underlying causes of the problem" Plus, it emphasises the need for landlords to take damp and mould seriously, acting swiftly to keep tenants safe and healthy.

If your tenants report any damp or mould, don't drag your feet! Act fast, investigate, and sort it out. Make spotting signs of damp and mould a routine part of your regular property checks – early detection makes it way easier to tackle.

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