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Until late Victorian times, Frinton-on-Sea was a church, several farms and a handful of cottages. In the 1890s, the original developer of the town, Peter Bruff, was bought out by R Powell Cooper, who had already laid out the golf course. Powell Cooper rejected Bruff's plans for a pier, stipulated the quality of housing to be built and prohibited boarding houses and pubs. The Sea Defence Act 1903 established a project to stabilise the cliffs, with the Greensward, which separates the Esplanade from the sea, put in place to stabilise the land further. In the first half of the 20th century, the town attracted visitors from high society with a lido complete with palm trees, shopping with, Connaught Avenue, named after the Duke of Connaught and opened by his wife, being dubbed East Anglia's Bond Street, high class hotels along the Esplanade, a tennis tournament second only to Wimbledon; the Prince of Wales frequented the golf club and Winston Churchill rented a house. Frinton was the last target in England attacked by the Luftwaffe, in 1944. Until recently there were no pubs, although there have long been bars in seafront hotels and at the golf and War Memorial clubs. The first pub, the Lock and Barrel, opened in 2000. 


Frinton is a residential town situated by the sea. It welcomes summer visitors, but this means that there are two Frintons: a summer Frinton of some 6-8 weeks where the day-time population can double and another, more tranquil Frinton which residents inhabit for the other 44-46 weeks of the year. A railway line runs through the middle of the town, and a level crossing has to be negotiated in order to visit the town centre or the seafront. On the seaward side of the level crossing are the fine safe beach and promenade, with the associated greensward and generous free car parking and the town centre located around Connaught Avenue where a number of traditional shops can still be found. On the other side of the level crossing are smart, modern housing developments, the Triangle Centre, which includes a pedestrianized shopping precinct, the Town Hall and a community centre. There is a good railway connection and a bus service linking people to Walton-on-the-Naze, Clacton-on-Sea and Colchester. There are many clubs, groups and associations in the area. In the summer, entertainment is provided by the Frinton Summer Theatre, and usually during August the Frinton Mission has a tent on the greensward. Throughout the whole year events take place at the various clubs and other venues, including those provided by the Saxon Theatre Group, and the The Frinton Players.

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