Exceptionally good knowledge...

Monday, November 13, 2017

Alex has an exceptionally good knowledge and confidently delivers this. As new building technology arrives, Alex gives the Directors options to consider. Alex will explore new companies who can deliver what we need rather than rely on companies with existing relationships.   [Our Management Company] has very active Directors who take time to get involved into the detail. I have noticed Alex take the initiative more and consequently Director time has reduced. This is excellent news for the Directors and very much welcomed. I believe this is a sign of Alex developing and growing into a very experienced Property Manager.   When required, Alex invests his time to deal with any challenges. These vary from dealing with anti-social behaviour to car parking to improvements. He takes the time to get involved, communicate and very importantly keep everyone up to date with progress. He never leaves us wondering what is going on or leave matters unresolved.

Landlord: Director of Aspects Residents Company Limited
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