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Springing a leak!

A snapshot of a typical day for Senior Property Manager Alex Kane

Most Property Managers will admit to a little apprehension when coming into work on a Monday – has anything occurred over the weekend that will require immediate attention? Have there been any disasters at any of your blocks? However our Senior Property Manager Alex Kane, like any member of our team, approaches Mondays positively with the confidence that he will be able to deal with whatever the day has to throw at him. To prove this point, let’s take a look at Alex’s Monday a couple of weeks ago. 

As Senior Property Manager Alex manages many of our more prestigious sites, including a wide range of converted buildings, some of which are Grade II listed. Alex enjoys seeing the improvements he has put into place take shape, and can often be found on-site. He prides himself on the strong relationships he builds with his Clients, being a great believer in the ‘personal approach’. 

On this particular Monday, Alex hit the day running knowing that he would need to catch up with one of our insurance brokers. An incident had occurred at one of our most prestigious blocks in the town centre during the extreme temperatures the previous week. An overflow pipe had frozen over and water trying to escape from this pipe had backed up and found other ways out; unfortunately via several of the flats. On the plus side, the building insurance for this block was placed with a broker who not only ensured our Clients had great cover for a great price, but also had proved themselves very proactive in claims handling. Alex intended to call around for a full update on proceedings first thing. However, Mondays do not always go according to plan! 

Upon arrival at his desk, Alex discovered that another of his blocks had sprung a leak of a different kind. Reports had come in of a potential gas leak at a beautiful Victorian block we manage in Frinton. Understanding the potential severity of the situation, Alex quickly put in motion a resolution. Again, given how dangerous this sort of thing can be, Alex wanted to get on site himself so he could make sure everything was shipshape. Luckily, Boydens’ policy is to keep our business as local as possible, and so Alex was able to leap into one of our fleet cars and be onsite to help resolve the emergency situation without too much trouble. Of course, Alex would not forget his other Clients. Before leaving and after ensuring the situation was under control, Alex quickly updated the flat owners affected by Friday’s issues. Communication is extremely important, and sometimes a quick call to keep people updated is exactly what’s needed for peace of mind. 

Just as Alex went to leave the office, the phone went again – this time reporting a leak into an undercroft car parking area at a valued development in Manningtree! Alex knew he had to get to Frinton, and thankfully also knew he could rely on support from his teammates. Before leaving, Alex briefed our Admin Manager Ange (Highly Commended in Customer Service at this year’s National Property Management Awards!) who was immediately on the case working to get hold of the owner of the property where the leak was coming from. One of Alex’s many strengths is his great working relationships with his Clients, particularly the Directors of Resident Management Companies. Fortunately, this block in question had one such Director living on site, and Ange was able to get their help in tracking down the owner of the leaking property and thereby resolving the issue. 

Having gone to Frinton and made sure the matter was under control, Alex took a trip to West Mersea which, although strictly speaking isn’t ‘on the way’ back to the office, is close enough for it not to be too much trouble. Another benefit of keeping your sites local!  As surveying is a passion of Alex’s (he holds a BSc in Building Surveying) Alex had agreed to visit one of his colleague Tom’s sites and sign off some major works as Tom was away from the office on paternity leave (congratulations Tom!). After all, we work as a team and are there to support each other. 

Having satisfied himself that the works had been completed to an expected high standard, Alex returned to the office – or at least tried to. Having spent the day running from pillar to post, Alex finally got some enforced downtime whilst waiting for high tide to subside enough for him to be able to drive back to the mainland.  

Finally, Alex made it back to the office and was able to settle down to tackle his inbox in the satisfying knowledge that everything else at least was under control. One thing you can certainly say about a Property Manager’s job – it’s not boring! 
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