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6 Things That Put Off Property Buyers in Essex and Suffolk

When a potential buyer enters your home, those first impressions really count.

While there are certain things a buyer will overlook, such as a badly decorated living room, there are certain things that can become real deal-breakers. It’s important to put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer, and consider whether you need to invest in upgrades before you sell. If you’re selling a home in Essex, Suffolk or surrounding areas, then here are some specific issues you might want to address. 

1. Damp patches or stains
While there are ways to prevent damp, unfortunately some areas of the country are just more susceptible to it. Any sign of damp problems such as stains, crumbled plaster, or a damp smell are likely to see buyers head for the door. Damp is the top turn-off for house hunters, according to a recent survey, with 67% saying they wouldn’t buy a home that might have it. Coastal areas can be especially prone to damp, so those who are selling in the seaside towns of Suffolk and Essex should be on alert for damp problems. 

2. Bad smells
Whether it’s cigarette smoke or a litter tray, bad smells suggest poor maintenance to buyers, and they may be worried that the smell will linger. If you have a property for sale, consider smoking outside, having pets stay with friends during viewings, or even having carpets cleaned professionally to lessen any odours. 

3. Lack of parking
Lots of houses in the UK were built back when families only had one car, so lack of parking or parking issues can be a massive problem in some areas. For example, Colchester, which has a lot of modern flats and Victorian terraces, has had to introduce a park and ride for the station, hospital, and town centre, and many streets have residents permits. If there’s no residents parking, then do some research into alternatives nearby, so buyers can be assured there will be somewhere to park, even if it’s not in front of the house. 

4. Gloomy rooms
Nobody wants to live in a house that’s gloomy, but you can make rooms look brighter by:
· Ensuring windows are clean
· Replacing heavy, dark curtains with blinds
· Adding lamps to dark corners
· Using a higher wattage lightbulb
· Repainting walls in lighter tones

5. Unfinished building work
We’ve all started a DIY project and then been too busy to finish, but if you’re planning to sell then you should get motivated to finish the job. Houses for sale with unfinished DIY work are a big no-no to potential buyers, as they make the house look un-cared for, and can even be dangerous. While fixer-uppers are popular in buoyant property markets such as Essex, unless your home is being sold as such, it’s important to get these jobs done. 

6. Dated electrics or boilers
While buyers might forgive a dated colour scheme, a dodgy electrical system or old boiler is much more of a worry. It may seem like a big investment to get these things updated, but if you think about it as a percentage of your asking price, it’s something worth considering, and could mean you sell your home faster. 

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