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Colchester Youth Awards 2017

This year I was given the opportunity to pick one of the causes Boydens sponsored and for me the Colchester Youth Awards was an easy choice. Colchester? Lived here nearly all my life: tick! Youth? Well, I’ve been young myself once upon a time and now have three kids of my own, so: tick! Awards? I do love a good presentation ceremony: tick! And, of course, a worthwhile event for us to be involved with. Sign me up! 

As you probably know, Boydens have had a place in the Colchester Property sector for over a hundred years - since in fact 1852 when George Boyden started his own development business. Today is still very much a family-run business, overseen by David Boyden, George’s great-grandson with its head office based firmly in Colchester town centre (for the full story, why not have a look at the history page of our website?). Having been established in Colchester for so many years, Boydens have always prided themselves on giving something back to the town by involvement in numerous community and charity events. 

Admittedly my choice was initially influenced by the fact that I have worked for no less than three other sponsors of CYA and so was pleased to have the chance to catch up with some familiar faces! But more than that as a Colchester man whose children were all born here I was pleased to be able to help celebrate the achievements of the town’s youth. After all, as much as it is sounds like a cliché, the youth are our future. As one of the sponsors, I was also able to take part in the judging process and having read through so many positive and inspirational nominations I am very happy to confirm that our future is in safe hands. 

The evening itself, taking place at Colchester Institute last night on Thursday 13 July (to coincide with it being the 13th year for CYA) was a spectacular event. It was extremely well attended by the multitude of nominees and their supporters, as well as fortunate representatives of the sponsors such as myself. We were treated to all the stories of the finalists and the awards presentations. One may be forgiven for thinking that this sort of event could be stuffy and (dare I say it) dull but in this case you’d be wrong. Proceedings were handled expertly by the presenters, keeping things moving at an engaging pace. Hearing the tales behind the nominations was very affecting and in many ways life-reaffirming. The evening was punctuated by sporadic entertainment in the form of a couple of dance troupes and some singers armed only with acoustic guitars. Of this, the young singer Fraser Morgan really stood out, making the most of his time on the stage. With his comical love song and a little audience-participation, he had the crowd in the palm of his hand! 

Often we only hear negative press about the youth of today, so it was great to help proactively promote the town’s young people in a positive light. This event is not only a worthy one, but also gave me the added benefit of a little personal inspiration and a cracking good evening. I certainly hope to see Boydens’ name on the sponsor list again and look forward to attending in future years!

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