Tony Rozario Photo Tony Rozario Colchester Branch Property Inspector

Tony's role at Boydens is a Property Inspector. His duties are to routinely visit managed properties to assess and record any maintenance or property issues, at the same time helping landlords to gain an overview of how their property is being kept during Tenancies.

This makes things easier and sometimes cheaper for the landlord in regards to repair and replacement of damaged items.

Tony is a fully certified inventory clerk and exclusive member of the AIIC.

Having been a property inspector for over 16 years working all over the UK for many estate agents, including serving landlords and tenants and working closely with Property and Block Management, Tony is also a qualified locksmith and a member of the UKLA.

Tony has lived and worked in Colchester for the last six years so has a good knowledge of the local area and surrounding towns - very useful for this role as he carries out property inspections for all of Boydens managed properties.

In his spare time Tony loves spending every second he can with his son who he describes as "smart and a loving young man with an hilarious character".

Tony also enjoys reading, researching, and just can’t seem to stay away from Netflix.