Clare Collier Photo Clare Collier Colchester Branch Property Manager

As a Property Manager Clare is responsible for looking after a portfolio of properties ensuring maintenance issues are addressed in a timely manner. Duties include liaising with tenants, landlords and contractors to keep the property in good order and dealing with any deposit disputes at the end of the term.

Clare helps to take away the stress of dealing with any maintenance or repairs including vetting the contractors that we use to make sure they are trusted within their field and provide reliable quotes. As a Property Manager, Clare takes up any issues with the tenants safeguarding the landlord from any stress relating to these situations and works closely with our tenants ensuring they feel confident that they will be looked after renting through Boydens.

Clare has a wide range of experience within the property sector having worked in the property industry for several years covering a variety of areas and is particularly familiar with Colchester. In the past Clare has carried out valuations, site visits, property management and worked in sales. She has also helped provide services to the military looking after their properties whilst on tour.