Carole Roberts MARLA INV Photo Carole Roberts MARLA INV West Essex Branch Property Manager

Carole is responsible for all maintenance issues via our West Essex branch including routine inspections, check ins/outs and inventory updates. Carole aims to keep tenants happy whilst, at the same time, ensuring that the landlord's property is well looked after. Carole has lived in the area for over 20 years and so she has extensive knowledge of the market and the area she covers.

Carole is a great believer that you should treat people as you would wish to be treated yourself. Trust is a key aspect of 'The Boydens Way' and this is something Carole believes in passionately as she often spends time in tenants' homes (often whilst they themselves are absent) and so it is vital our clients know their home and privacy is fully respected. In her spare time, Carole loves spending time with her two sons and socialising with family and friends.