Report Maintenance

Report Maintenance

To ensure that Boydens are able to effectively and efficiently progress a report of maintenance it is important for us to first understand the nature of the reported issue and then grade the same.  To do this please click HERE to complete our online maintenance report form.

Before reporting a maintenance issue please read on for guidance.


WATER LEAKS -  Is the leak dripping or pouring?  Is the leak passing through any electrical equipment, if so can you isolate the relevant fuse on the fuse board?

GAS LEAKS – Call the National Grid on 0800 111 999 immediately
1. Do not turn any electrical switches on or off
2. Do not smoke or use any naked flame or mobile phone near the source of the leak
3. If possible, ventilate the property by opening windows
4. Move to a safe distance and wait for the National Grid to attend

FAULTY APPLIANCE – Take details of the make and model of the appliance, this can be found on a small sticker normally found by the door of the appliance.  Is the plug turned on, if so try another appliance in the plug to check it is not the spur or plug fuse.

FENCE BLOWN DOWN – What side of the garden is affected? How many panels are affected? Has the post been affected?  Which side of the fence belongs to the landlord?  Take photographs of the affected area to help us understand.

BREAK IN – Do not touch anything, report the matter to the police immediately and provide us with the crime reference number.

BROKEN DOOR OR WINDOW GLASS – What caused the break? If double glazed is it both panels that are affected?  

BLOCKED TOILET – Is there a chance that anything alien could have been put down the toilet?  Try to clear the blockage if possible.

NO HEATING – Take the name and model of the boiler (should be on the gas safety certificate), is the boiler firing (i.e. can you see a flame?)  What colour is the flame orange or blue)? Can you hear the boiler working or is it silent? Can you see the pressure valve if so what is the pressure reading? Do you have hot water, has the thermostat been turned down?

NO HOT WATER – If you have a gas boiler consider the same questions as above.  If hot water is produced via a hot water cylinder (large cylinder generally housed in airing cupboard) is this on? Is it linked to economy 7 rates, does it have a boost button? If possible take the make and model of the cylinder, can you see any visible leaks either from pipework or the cylinder itself?

PESTS (RATS, BEES ETC) – Where is the problem located? How have they accessed the property - i.e. did rats gain access through a hole in a wall or door, did bees access the loft via a hole in the sofits etc?  Please be aware that the landlord is not liable for any pests outside of the property and these will need to be managed by the tenant.


Once your maintenance report is received this will be allocated to the Property Manager looking after your property.  The Property Manager will allocate a grading to your reported maintenance and confirm the same to you.  Once graded we are required to seek approval from the landlord that we can progress with the reported maintenance. Where a maintenance issue has been allocated with an immediate grading, landlord permission is not required and we will address this immediately.

Details of our internal grading system, along with examples of maintenance that fall within these grading allocations can be found in our Maintenance Grading Fact Sheet.

All feedback will be provided via email so it is important to ensure that we have your correct email address on account and would therefore ask that you always confirm this when reporting a maintenance issue.


Boydens operate an out of hours maintenance helpline for all tenants occupying managed properties who need to report maintenance issues that require immediate or urgent attention. The out of hours service is not for reporting routine maintenance, and using this service to report routine maintenance may lead to a fee being incurred for an unnecessary call out. If in doubt, please refer to our Maintenance Grading Fact Sheet.

To report an out of hours maintenance issue please call your local Boydens office from the list below and follow the voicemail instructions.


01376 327400


01255 221121


01206 762244


01255 851185


01376 570335


01787 883700