Customer Charter

Customer Charter


Boydens is a team of committed, determined, experienced, knowledgeable and professionally qualified people. We will work within our 5 Points of Culture to ensure that everyone who comes into contact with the Boydens team benefits from that experience.

Our 5 Points of Culture


1.   Personal Service
We will deliver a high level of personal service to all we work with, both externally and internally.  The professional service that we deliver will:
·         Be beyond the expectations of our clients and colleagues;
·         Make our clients feel comfortable no matter what advice they require;
·         Be consistent throughout by following procedures and systems within the business. 

2.   Ownership
We acknowledge responsibility for our individual actions and the results of them. 

3.   Teamwork
We will work together within and across departments to achieve the Boydens’ vision.  By doing this we will:
·         Achieve the best results for our clients and business;
·         Create a supportive and enjoyable work atmosphere. 

4.   Pro-activity
We will ensure that we are always seen as pro-active by our clients – going the extra mile to help them.  We will also actively look for and recommend ways to improve our service and efficiency as a business. 

5.   Education
We will invest in training to improve the knowledge and skills of our staff, ensuring that they are aware of best practice and the changes in legislation so that we can be confident in the advice and service that we give.

Please note that telephone calls to Boydens branches may be monitored or recorded for training and evaluation purposes.