Kelvedon Area Guide


The existing village of Kelvedon has been a settlement since the early Middle Ages, though it stands near (and partly on) the site of a Roman settlement, probably Canonium. Kelvedon expanded significantly in the Victorian era, thanks largely to the Norwich to London railway making it a place to live yet get to work as rail was the only fast method of transport. Victorian Kelvedon was set along one street, High Street. In the 1930s, with the advent of the automobile, High Street became the A12, the main road through Essex. The village suffered major congestion until a bypass was built in the 1960s. Kelvedon is situated next to the village of Feering and is separated from it by the River Blackwater. The River Blackwater was spanned by a packhorse bridge, built around 1750, which was an essential part of the main road carrying traffic from Norfolk and Suffolk to London and this feature was significant in making Kelvedon an important staging post on the main route to London, as could be seen from the numerous inns and hostelries which served the area. In the late 19th century, Kelvedon became famous for seed growing, and the firm of Kings Seeds, now part of Associated British Foods, became famous for the production of flower and vegetable seeds. 


The village is bounded to the north by the river Blackwater where the adjacent village of Feering starts. Whilst enjoying all the benefits of being a quiet, relaxing village, Kelvedon is on the main Norwich to London railway line, making it a perfect destination for commuters. Village facilities include doctors, dentists, a Boots pharmacy, schools, shops, restaurants, pubs and a library.

Property Profile 

Properties in Kelvedon really do vary and that is what really draws people to the area as well as many other great benefits. Kelvedon is home to 100+ year old wonky cottages with open beams and quirky features to large detached houses in quiet cul-de-sacs. Terraced houses which are great for first time buyers and bungalows to meet the needs to all walks of life.
You will also find a range from high to low end properties allowing everyone to enjoy the village.

Buying Power

Buying in Kelvedon under huge demand. This is not surprising as people do rarely sell up and leave Kelvedon. We have a desire from young couples being able to enjoy the village life while being able to afford and live comfortably and still commute to London which many people do from Kelvedon. Families are hugely drawn to the Kelvedon market with the large houses on offer with gardens and lots of local green space and surrounded by many good schools is also very appealing.

Renting Power 

Renting in Kelvedon is very popular and we are noticing that buy to let landlords is on the rise. With the A12 running parallel to Kelvedon the commute is easy while rents are reasonable. Kelvedon’s market is growing and in time more properties will be built to accommodate these needs. 

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