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Eastenders come to Clacton

Despite being sometimes ridiculed, the humble bungalow has a special place in the hearts of the British and none more so than in Clacton on Sea where we are seeing a surge in demand.

Clacton Branch Manager Barry Hayes said: “For us in Clacton, the summer holidays usually brings an influx of visitors to the town. We are noticing a marked increase in the number of enquiries to purchase bungalows in the area. This is especially true for visitors from East London looking at the potential to retire to the town and surrounding areas.”

Research back in 2014 by Alliance and Leicester (now Santander) revealed that although just two per cent of homes in Britain were bungalows, a staggering third of the population would like to live in one.

Barry added: “Bungalows are clearly an attractive option – not having to use the stairs has always made this type of housing stock appeal to retirees but the nature of their design also means that they are well-placed for adaption to the open plan living favoured by many of our clients. It goes without saying that at Boydens we are ready to assist those looking to sell a bungalow whilst the market for these properties is on the rise”.

A brief history of the Bungalow

Bungalow, from the Hindi word "bangla", meaning "belonging to Bengal", was used to describe detached cottages built for early European settlers in India. They gained an association with a healthy outdoor lifestyle among the Raj, many of whom returned to the UK, extolling their charms.

The first development including houses sold as "bungalows" in the UK opened in Westgate, on the north coast of Kent, in 1869. The following year, a bigger project started at nearby Birchington. These were sold as getaways for wealthy Londoners.

The invention of more pre-fabricated materials such as plasterboard allowed building on cheap seaside land not suitable for homes needing more solid foundations. This allowed those on middle incomes to buy bungalows.

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