Terms and Conditions/Complaints

Terms and Conditions/Complaints


Basic Summary of Terms & Conditions and Services: NB – The Services provided may vary depending on the Agreement with individual Clients. Boydens do not provide a ‘one size fits all’ approach and tailor our services on a site-by-site basis.

1. The Client, (your Management Company or Freeholder depending on who has the
responsibility to manage your development) has appointed Boydens to act as Managing
Agents for your development to carry out the duties and for the Term as laid out in the
Management Agreement.

2. Boydens complies with Provisions of Services Regulations 2009 (as amended) and has
provided to the Client:
Its office address for communication including email address
Its ARMA membership details
Its complaints handling procedure
Details of the Ombudsman scheme

3. Under the terms of the Agreement, Boydens are required to:
Comply with the terms of the Lease of the property
Comply with the requirements of ARMA and the Service Charge Residential Management Code of the RICS as appropriate
Comply with relevant landlord and tenant legislation relating to the management of the property
Comply with Health & Safety, fire safety, employment and all other relevant laws and regulations relating to the management of the property
Comply with the rules of the Financial Conduct Authority carrying out any regulated insurance activities

4. Boydens act on behalf of the Client and comply with their written instructions and do
not accept verbal instructions from Leaseholders.

5. Boydens arrange insurance on behalf of the Client and may receive a commission from
the Broker. However this commission does not affect or increase the premium paid by
the Client. Boydens accept no other commissions from any other contractors. Boydens
arrange buildings insurance on behalf of the Client.

6. Boydens comply with statutory and ARMA’s rules for banking and holding any funds of
the Client in a clearly designed client bank account(s). Any such client funds must be in

7. Boydens is registered under the Data Protection Act and is unable to issue any personal
details to any third parties.

8. Based on Boydens’ standard service package, the services provided include the following
(but may vary on a site by site basis depending on the level of service that the individual
Client requests to be included in the Management Agreement):
Preparing and sending out service charge estimates
Collecting service charge and reserve fund contributions
Processing payments relating to the property
Collection of service charge arrears
Provide reasonable management information to Lessees
Enter into maintenance contracts on behalf of the Client
View and inspect (cyclically as per the Management Agreement), without the use of equipment, the common parts of the property
Prepare specifications and contracts for minor works
Organise periodic Health & Safety checks
Deal with day to day Lessee issues and report, taking instruction from the Client
Advise the Client on relevant legislative and regulatory issues
Advise and liaise with the Client on management policy
Arrange buildings insurance and other insurance and deal with claims
Provide Lessee welcome packs
Hold Annual General Meetings with Leaseholders if required by The Client
Dealing with major building works; overseeing Section 20 consultations for all qualifying projects which may include preparing simple specifications, invite tenders, and oversee planned maintenance work. Complex and large projects will be overseen by our Chartered Surveyors or be sub-contracted to third party Surveyors.


Our Complaints Procedure can be viewed here.